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Magical Girl Raising Project
Monday-Thursday, Week 2


It's only been two weeks and you've already lost two of your comrades: Dia Kurosawa and Beyond Birthday. But you have to move forward, otherwise there's no possible way that you'll even get the slightest chance to go back home, or even stop this horrific game. Nevertheless, the same voice from Fav chimes in at 9 AM in the morning, just as always.
    "Wake up, pon! There will be another important announcement in the lobby, so it's important that you show up, pon."

    This is the mingle for week two, which covers Monday (3/27) to Thursday (3/30). When posting toplevels, please specify the time and location. If you plan on having any private conversations, please notify us in the link given below.
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Thursday, all around town

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[Eliza looks to be in a really good mood today. People might notice a trail of dirt being churned up behind her, a brown head popping out occasionally.]

It's too bad you were in your Pokeball the whole time. Or else you might be able to give clues about where the rest of the team is! [She smiles down at the mole Pokemon.] Still, it's fine! I'm just so happy you're finally by my side again! [She'll wave at anyone she sees, and say their name to the Diglett, who will also turn and bob in a greeting-ish way.]
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Sorry, but...

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[Zack just blankly stares at the brown lump sticking out of the ground.]


... Is that one of those pokemon you were talking about on Tuesday?
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[personal profile] telecosmetic 2017-03-29 11:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah! His name is Dragon! [The Diglett bobs a little closer, looking curious.] Dragon, this is Zack. He's actually a pretty nice guy! [Dragon bobs a bit more.] Well, for some reason he can't really talk...this is his way of saying hi!
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[personal profile] zackthekiller 2017-03-30 01:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[Zack continues to stare at the bobbing thing.]

I didn't think any kinda animal can talk, but... Hi?
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Well, they can't speak like humans, unless they're Psychic-types who can just talk directly to your brain, but most Pokemon can communicate through sounds of some sort. And some people can understand their intention.

[Dragon stares at Zack some more, bobbing up and down, before suddenly disappearing underground. Eliza starts.]

Dragon, you shouldn't startle h- [And then he pops out right under Zack's feet with a playful glint in his eyes.]
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What the?

[Zack yelps, stumbling forward a bit as the brown lump pushes him from below. As he clumsily regains his footing, the blunt side of the weapon he was holding swings dangerously close to Eliza's face.]

[Now do you notice the big honking scythe he was carrying around today?]

Hey! What the hell is this thing doing?!
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[Eliza yelps and skips back, before focusing her gaze on the scythe.] Whoa! You got a weapon too?

[Dragon ducks back underground, hurrying back to Eliza's side and looking pleased with himself.] Sorry! He likes to surprise people! But that means he likes you, since if he didn't like you he'd try to hurt you while doing it.
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[He frowns at the diglett... then smirks deviously.]

Yeah, actually it's my scythe! Took me three damn weeks but I finally got my scythe back!

[He swings it up and rests it over his shoulder. Like a badass.]

Why, what kinda weapon did you get?
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Um, I got a kitchen knife, and three swords, and a pickaxe. [She says that fairly casually.] I don't think the swords belong to anyone else, but I haven't really asked around.
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[... Wait.]

A pickaxe?

[Is that pickaxe what he thinks it is?]
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[personal profile] telecosmetic 2017-03-31 05:26 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah. Is that yours too? [Why would you want a pickaxe when you have a scythe?]
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Uh... Not really, but I think it might have come from my home.

[You can keep it, Eliza. Go smash some tombstones or something.]

You know, you're actually lucky you're getting all the weapons. I keep getting a lot of random shit from those Gachas I don't even have a use for.

[After a thought...]

You want some?
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[Sadly there aren't any tombstones yet.]

What kind of stuff?
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[personal profile] zackthekiller 2017-03-31 04:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[There might be one day, you never know.]

Uh... A bunch of math problems... A rose in a bottle... And this weird ball thingy.

[Zack has never seen a pokeball up close before, so he's not sure what to make of it.]

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A ball? [Eliza's eyes light up. She unclips Dragon's Pokeball from her belt.] Like this one?
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[personal profile] zackthekiller 2017-03-31 04:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[He stares at the pokeball for a moment.]

Yeah... Like that...

[A lightbulb went off in his head.]

Wait, I think I wound up with one of yours.
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[Her eyes light up.] Yeah, that must be it! Do you have it with you?
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[personal profile] zackthekiller 2017-03-31 05:00 pm (UTC)(link)

[Why would he drag it around when he doesn't have any use for it?]

It's in my room. I can lead you there to go get it.
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[She nods, still looking excited.] Alright, come on Dragon!
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[He leads her onto the second floor of the Inn, and stops her in front of room 16.]

Lemme go get it... My room's kind of a mess.

[He opens the door and slips inside for a second.
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[Eliza nods, bouncing on her heels and humming as she waits outside.]
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[Zack returns with the pokeball in his hand. He gives it back to Eliza.]

Here you go, one weird critter in a ball. Have fun.
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[Eliza grins as she accepts it.] Oh my gosh, thank you so much! [She looks hesitant for a moment, before lunging forward to hug him with one arm, using her other to press the button on the Pokeball.]
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[Zack tenses up as he finds himself embraced.]

[He's a horrible person. An unrepentant sinner. Someone who should be put in prison for the many lives he's taken...]

[And yet, here he is, being embraced by a small, gleeful child. Something inside of him begins to swell, telling him to lunge out at her now, to grab her by the throat and cut her open. To let her blood spill...]

[For once, he resists this urge. It didn't seem very fair to kill someone right after you've given something of hers back. Besides, he saw what happened to Beyond...]

[He'll just stand there, unsure of what to do.]
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[Eliza is totally unaware of most of this internal struggle, but lets go soon enough to glance over at the Pokemon she just sent out. The Deerling raises an eyebrow.]

Oh...hi there, Crown. It's a long story about what happened and why we're here, but this is Zack! He's a...friend.


[Crown blinks a few times, before stepping forward and circling Zack.]

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